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October 16, 2020

Your life as an entrepreneur is tough. High-adrenaline, combined with rushes of excitement and anxiety, are simply part of the risk-taking, which can be both gratifying and exhausting, almost in equal measure. We know that traversing through uncertainty to make your mark requires a level of determination and courage that is unthinkable for most people. With this path so incredibly demanding, both in terms of physical and mental strain, entrepreneurs who persist under these conditions do so through some serious conscious and disciplined effort. 

Here are six productive habits of successful entrepreneurs. 

They make and follow a routine.

The word ‘routine’ gets a pretty bad rep. Entrepreneurs choose their path in life, in large part, because they cannot imagine the 9 to 5 routine of an ordinary employee. But for all the dread and apprehension ‘routine’ might bring up for you, successful entrepreneurs understand its value. 

Forming a routine or schedule to follow doesn’t necessarily mean allowing your life to become boring. A routine or schedule is simply a way of organizing your activities throughout your day. It not only helps you be mindful of the tasks you need to complete, but it also keeps you focused, allowing you to give each task the attention that it deserves. 

They set a limited number of goals that are specific.

Successful entrepreneurs understand that a normal person’s intuitive goal-setting behavior isn’t conducive to real achievement. That’s why they introspect and set goals that are limited in number and specific in nature.

The many benefits of goal-setting have been evidenced by research. Goal-setting improves performance by up to 25 percent! It also reduces stress, increases confidence, and boosts productivity. But, set too many goals and you’re bound to get overwhelmed, achieving barely any, if at all. Or, set vague goals and you’ll struggle to figure out what needs to be done to achieve them. So, remember, set your goals and make sure they’re reasonably limited and specific. 

Along with a to-do list, they create a do-not-do list.

Realizing what you need to remove from your day is just as important as knowing what needs to be added. 

Often, our productivity and focus are both impeded by certain activities that add little to no value to our work. Successful entrepreneurs know that they need to invest their time effectively, and this involves divesting their time from activities with low returns. This can include stopping yourself from micromanaging by delegating tasks to others. It even includes postponing certain tasks that can be actioned at a different time while you focus on another more pressing task. 

They choose to leave their comfort zone.

Entrepreneurs are not averse to taking risks, but for some this risk-taking behavior is limited to work. Successful entrepreneurs expand their risk-taking to other facets of their life. They deliberately seek situations that are unfamiliar, foreign, and even intimidating. 

They realize that the most important lessons we learn in life are a result of escaping our comfort zone. And apart from keeping life interesting, stepping outside your comfort zone provides perspective. It allows you to think and feel in a manner unfamiliar to you. It bolsters creativity and provides an opportunity to view issues through a new lens.  

They celebrate progress.

Successful entrepreneurs realize that progress is not linear: every day is not always better than the last. They, therefore, view progress through a wider lens, taking a big-picture approach to their analysis. 

Achieving milestones and closing important deals with reputable clients are accomplishments worthy of celebration, but they should not be your criteria for assessing your business. Instead, you should step back and analyze how the business is performing in terms of its progress. The everyday hustle that eventually actualizes business goals should be celebrated!

They get restorative sleep!

Some successful entrepreneurs have considered this as the most important productivity booster. Yes, entrepreneurship can mean many sleepless nights. But the importance of sleep can’t be understated. Lack of sleep leads to poor decision-making, irritability, restlessness, and general discomfort. All of this invariably impacts how you interact with your team, how quickly you make decisions, and whether you generate the right ideas. 

In fact, studies have shown that sleep deprivation can actually lead to business owners making bad decisions. This is why successful entrepreneurs understand the value of sleep. When they get their required hours of REM sleep and optimize their performance the following day, their business can succeed. They avoid mood swings and brain fog that can completely kill a day’s productivity, and instead enjoy boosted daily productivity and creativity in their work. 

There’s a lot you can do as an entrepreneur to ensure your success. Just remember not to fall for the myth that success is a result of neglecting your health. Doing so will most definitely lead you to resent your work and even your clients, eventually damaging your business. 

One of the best ways to remain healthy is to optimize your sleep. If you haven’t yet, consider supplements with ingredients that are proven to improve your quality of sleep and maximize the amount of REM sleep your brain gets. The REM Recovery supplement, for example, helps you optimize your sleep so that you can get a full night of cognitive recovery, helping you wake up without brain fog, with a clear mind, ready to be productive and achieve your goals for the day. With beneficial ingredients like Melatonin, Valerian, Ashwagandha and Camomile; REM Recovery is the best sleep aid supplement for entrepreneurs in the market today.

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