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October 13, 2020

You’ve probably experienced a point in your life when self-doubt and negative thoughts slowly crept in, nibbling away at your motivation to move forward. Perhaps a strapped budget makes you lose sight, or a lack of support makes you feel isolated, or the current hurdles you’re encountering seem insurmountable. So, how do you stay motivated when the odds seem to be stacked against you? Here are seven motivational techniques used by some of the most successful entrepreneurs that help them keep their head in the game when life simply gets a little toomuch

  • Focus on the process 
  • We all have this temptation to immediately get things done, especially go-getters like entrepreneurs. Most of us typically think about the end goal, instead of the journey there. Rather than focusing solely on the goal, direct your focus on to the steps required to achieve it. When you invest your time making the right number of sales, rather than focusing on the outcome entirely, you are more likely to stay motivated in your journey to success. However, if you dwell over the final outcome, which is far up the ladder of success, it’s very possible for you to lose motivation because of how distant it seems. Keep your head in the game and trust the process, don’t step ahead of yourself because the temptation to rush to victory might inadvertently result in a loss of direction and motivation. 

  • Celebrate your struggles 
  • There is no victory without struggle. Many people view struggle as a negative component of their journey, something to drudge through. However, acknowledging and embracing your struggle are both as important as celebrating your victories. If winning was easy, it would be accomplished by everyone; and honestly, who would even value it? The part of the journey consisting of setbacks and failures, the bad days where nothing seems to be going right, is what makes it worthwhile. Cherish and embrace the challenges – it’ll help you stay motivated to achieve and conquer. 

  • Do not be afraid to seek help 
  • Often, our culture’s celebration of resilience deemphasizes the importance of being vulnerable. Do not fall for the idea that strength is merely an absence of weakness. As a risk-taker, your resilience and motivation will only benefit when you allow yourself to ask for help. Falling into a state of discouragement often results in self-destruction or victimization. And so, it’s vital for an individual in such a state to reach out to a loved one or a mentor. Especially in times of hopelessness, negative feelings of destruction creep in without you even realizing. Therefore, it’s important for you to find allies or supportive friends and family who’ll encourage you to keep going. 

  • Reconnect with your ‘why’ 
  • With work load, schedules, and never-ending stress, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and to get robbed of your will to continue. Working thirteen plus hours a day and getting sucked into a lifestyle consisting of work and work alone can cause most people to lose sight of their ultimate reason why they’re doing what they’re doing.  So many of us lose touch with why we’re working so hard in the first place. This may result in feeling lost and as a result questioning our choices. This is what loss of motivation sounds like. However, in order to stay in touch with our drive, we need to keep asking ourselves why we want this, or remind ourselves of the many reasons why we need to keep going even when all odds are stacked against us. 

  • Self-reflect
  • One of the many ways of staying motivated in times of doubt is through self-reflection. We know, it sounds cliché’, but trust us on this. To keep your drive alive and your spirit motivated, stay grounded by asking yourself questions, acknowledging your obstacles, and assessing their implications. Isolate yourself for a while and ask yourself:

     “What am I feeling demotivated about?” 

    “What may I be doing that’s acting as an obstacle?”

    “What was different when I didn’t feel this way?”

  • Take a break 
  • With entrepreneurs working thirteen plus hours a day, having too much on your plate may naturally make you feel like giving up. This thought might mean that you need to take some time off to rest and recharge. Taking a psychological break might help you, as an entrepreneur, get back into the flow. There is no denying that rest time will leave you feeling more motivated, ready, and optimistic. Go ahead, try it!

  • Keep expectations realistic 
  • One of the very best ways for entrepreneurs to stay motivated is to keep expectations realistic from the very start. Avoid adopting attitudes that lead to unrealistically high expectations. These result in an extreme loss of hope if you don’t succeed, causing extreme bouts of pessimism and hopelessness. Keep rational expectations to stay motivated. Accept from the very beginning that things will not be perfect. 

    Remember that we all fail at times, have setbacks, and get stuck in ruts, wherein hope seems non-existent. However, this is part of everyone’s journey to success, including entrepreneurs. Staying persistent and motivated in spite of feeling despair and demoralized is all part of your journey towards achieving your goals!

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