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October 29, 2020

Associated with the word “entrepreneur” is an image of a lavish lifestyle filled with the fastest cars and luxury vacations. However, people often tend to overlook the hours of tremendous hard work that are put in every single day, and the inevitable stress that accompanies it. In our fast-paced and ever-evolving world today, workloads and daytime schedules cause a certain amount of stress to everyone. But, with entrepreneurs, this stress is on a whole other level. But, what does ‘stress’ even mean for entrepreneurs? What is entrepreneurial stress?

A lot of responsibility

Entrepreneurship demands a boatload of efficiency and productivity at almost all times. Yes, as an entrepreneur, you are your own boss, but this independence comes with having to juggle way too much work at times, and the nature of this work invariably causes stress, which, in all honesty, entrepreneurs can’t afford not to manage.

Failure to effectively manage stress can inevitably lead to health, business, and personal problems. If this sounds familiar, don’t panic. Pretty much all the high-functioning successful entrepreneurs in the world employ techniques to deal with entrepreneurial stress, helping them maintain their drive. Here are some tips to help you deal with entrepreneurial stress.

1) Break your problems down

There are days when, as an entrepreneur, you may have far too much on your plate. The mere prospect of addressing these tasks can seem daunting. Before you even attempt to address your commitments, you notice more work piling up. And now, you’re trapped somewhere underneath a huge list of tasks. Where do you even start?

When things start seeming bleak, we guarantee it’ll feel much more manageable once you’ve broken your tasks down. You can start off by compartmentalizing your tasks in terms of priority and tackle them one at a time. Soon, you’ll have drafted a list of micro tasks to be completed and things should appear much clearer. In addition to that, only focus on the task at hand until you have completed it. This way, you’ll be spurred onto completing the rest of the tasks, which should be much more manageable with your new-found confidence after attending to the prior tasks.

2) Sweat it out

The challenging schedules and workload of entrepreneurs usually require them to get so caught up in their work that they end up neglecting their physical health. Many high-functioning entrepreneurs find it pivotal to include some form of exercise into their routines. According to a University of Georgia study, exercising regularly increases your energy levels by about 20 percent while simultaneously decreasing fatigue by more than 60 percent! On the days you can’t help but feel demotivated, exercising can help release endorphins - AKA feel good chemicals - in your brain, while decreasing the levels of cortisol and adrenaline, both of which serve as stress hormones. This keeps you energized and running. If traditional workouts aren’t your cup of tea, you can mix it up by indulging in calisthenics, kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, or any other form of exercise that piques your interest.

3) Take care of your diet

While we’re on the topic of physical health, let’s talk about your diet. A balanced and healthy diet goes a long way in keeping you up and running to cater to your day to day tasks. With your body well-nourished and mind high on energy, your health will be one less thing to worry about in times of stress. People often resort to unhealthy foods when confronted with time constraints. Grabbing a Big Mac on the way to a meeting is often the easier option compared to weekly meal prep. But, sustained periods of stress specifically require you to focus on eating better and staying hydrated. By failing to nourish your body means you’ll literally fall “sick with worry”.

There are a whole bunch of foods out there that can tame stress while providing good nutrition. One example is a warm bowl of oatmeal. Oatmeal can be your comfort food as well as a serotonin booster. Another easy example is that of fruits and vegetables. Oranges are a great on-the-go snack, rich in Vitamin C that can tackle Cortisol!

4) Draw the line where work ends

If work is not managed properly, the drive of an entrepreneur can very quickly lead to burn out. You are left depleted of energy both for work and for yourself. Therefore, it is crucial to draw boundaries as to where work ends and whereyou begin. This not only allows you to cool off, but also to devote more time to your personal life, relationships, and interests that in turn help you re-energize. Giving time to yourself will maximize your energy and provide motivation that makes you the entrepreneur you are!

5) Get your sleep!

The closer people work to sleep time, the more they think about work problems. This causes them even more stress, hence compromising their sleep. To cut down on the stress, you should create and strictly follow a sleep schedule. Shut off all your devices, push work related items aside, and hit the hay. A proper sleep routine will with sufficient REM sleep will keep that stress under control and keep your drive alive and flourishing.

For more information on ways to deal with stress, entrepreneurial or otherwise, and get more sleep, get in touch with us.

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