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For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs

“Our Story - Letter from the Desk of Simon Edwards, Neuroflow Founder.”

“I’ve been an Entrepreneur from a young age, from selling lemonade in our suburb to being on that “hustle” re-selling candy out of my backpack in middle school. These days, I have multiple successful businesses from E-Commerce to Real Estate to Marketing. One thing that has been consistent in my businesses is I'm always looking for ways to improve my mood, productivity, focus and recovery so i can achieve greater success.
I’m obsessed with Self Improvement and Optimizing. And I feel most Entrepreneurs are as well. I was sick of seeing other Entrepreneurs getting hooked on prescription nootropics, destroying their health with “pre-workout” style stimulants and getting addicted to caffeine through extreme coffee habits. I knew there had to be another way. And that is how Neuroflow was born.
I decided that I wanted to take optimization into my own hands and develop formulas that Entrepreneurs could use throughout the day that would give our brains exactly what it needs, morning, noon and night. To give us the perfect work day. To move the needle in our businesses. To achieve and sustain success. And that is my mission, to help every entrepreneur achieve what they were born to do.”

- Simon Edwards, Neuroflow Founder

Our Mission

To Make Your Success Habitual We want to arm the Digital Entrepreneur with a daily system for creating the perfect cognitive environment for peak mental performance, motivation and recovery. Morning, Noon and Night.

Enter The Flow State.

You are at one with the task at hand. Action and Ability sync to create effortless momentum. Creative thoughts flow from one to the next - seamlessly. You noticeably move the needle in your business. We will take you there - if you let us.

You Wouldn’t Put Regular Gas In A Lambo - would you?

Your brain - your Lambo - needs premium fuel to perform optimally. Give it the wrong fuel? It stops and stutters. Becomes foggy. We met with dozens of suppliers. Tested dozens of formulas. And finally we created our NeuroPath Technology™ - the Premium High Octane Gasoline for your Lambo Brain. We use only the highest quality ingredients to ensure your brain fires on all cylinders. Peak Performance.

100% All American

We are an American company. Period. From our formulations, to our packaging, to our distribution network. 100% of our products are American Made right here in Wyoming, USA. We are proud to say we are All-American and support our communities.

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